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Global Hope Network International is a non-profit, private humanitarian aid organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Through a committed team of both staff and volunteers, Global Hope Network International is dedicated to serving the "hidden and hurting" around the world. We focus on the overlooked or hidden persons in war zones, natural disasters and under-developed countries by providing aid and sustainable development through food, water, wellness, education and income.
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Habiba, an Ola Nagele Villager, is an industrious woman known for her hard work and determination. A mother of five children, two boys and three girls, she often wondered how she would afford mandatory school fees.  In fact, most children in Ola Nagele do not make it to high school because of the large fees.

Participating in GHNI’s Transformational Community Development training, a group of 28 women came together to brainstorm, encourage and support one another.  Habiba has acted as a role model amongst her peers who all received a small business loan from GHNI.

Through Habiba’s diligent work, she has been able to send her children to high school – a dream come true! Her transformation grew even bigger, as Habiba has managed to establish two more businesses!  She now has a small shop selling groceries and vegetables, and a butchery selling camel meat.

Find out more here and donate to help Habiba and other women across the world in their efforts to make a better living for themselves.

On this International Women’s Day, who are the women who inspire you? 

Lemi (left) is one of our local staff members and Jamal (right) is an elder of Garmaam. Lemi has helped train the villagers and together everyone has been working hard to see fantastic results! #GHNI #endpoverty #nonprofit #workinghard

The people of Garmaam, Ethiopia have come a long way since we first started here. They can now grow enough food to feed the whole village due to new irrigation systems in place—all in 18 months! #GHNI #endpoverty #nonprofit


Inequality matters! The recently released Report on the World Social Situation 2013 brings special attention to the disadvantages that are experienced by five specific social and population groups - youth, indigenous peoples, older persons, persons with disabilities and migrants.

Read more at here.

From our U.S. Resource Office—-Hello! #ghni #nonprofit #helloworld


You can help change this harrowing fact by taking action and asking your friends to do the same. 

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When a girl in one of our villages is able to attend school for the very first time! 


The Geneva conference on Syria has started.

 Read all of the statements made at the opening of the Conference here

Poverty is the driving force behind most slavery today. By putting an end to the cycle of poverty, we can help end human trafficking—the modern day slavery.

We transform villages caught in extreme poverty and help them become a thriving community that is self-sufficient and free of trafficking. Currently we are working in Nepal with a cluster of villages and estimate to save over 4,000 people from being sold into human trafficking. We are not there to be the saviors, but rather to teach the communities how to help themselves. By becoming sustainable, thriving communities with access to water, education, and economic opportunities, we can greatly reduce the number of people sold into trafficking. 

Giving just one dollar can help transform a village. 

Please take a moment to register and to help in this fight against human trafficking and modern day slavery around the world.